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KuneKune Creme

KuneKune Cream is our brand of luxurious lard lotion.  Imagine a body butter than can be used all over your skin, plus use on split ends for your hair and even in hubby's beard. Pasture raised lard is antibacterial, anti microbial and contains omega acids that mimic our cells which is why it is so compatiable with the oil that our skin naturally produces and we can absorb it so well.  With nourishing vitamins like A,B12, D, E and K, its the full package of skin care love!


Ingredients include: pastured KuneKune lard, sunflower oil, beeswax & FO.  
Scents on hand:
          Ray of Sunshine
          Warm Flannel
          Love Letter
          Bewitched Orchid 
          Cucumber Kiwi 
Comes in a 4 oz glass jar. $8 each  

KuneKune Creme

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